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The Synthetic Bioproducts Center is pursuing the production and purification of diverse products that have value in many different commercial settings.

New peptides and proteins, useful as anti-tumor and anti-metastatic compounds, are being produced using synthetic biology by SBC researchers.

Standardized hosts provide a robust platform where genetically altered “bio-bricks” can be “plugged in” to produce specific peptides and proteins that have become important as basic research reagents. Within SBC, these polypeptides are produced in “living foundries” including bacteria, algae and yeast. Producing compounds within these flexible, rapid platforms will allow SBC to scale up production as additional research is completed.

Polypeptides being synthetically produced by the SBC are KISS1 and BRMS1—both powerful metastasis suppressors. Daryll DeWald, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Washington State University, and affiliate researcher within SBC, works with these under-characterized compounds.