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Building 650
Building 620

USTAR BioInnovations Center

The USTAR BioInnovations Center, located on the Utah State University Innovation Campus (650 E. Grand Ave and 620 E. Grand Ave), is the primary research space for projects conducted by the USTAR Synthetic Bio-Manufacturing Center.

SBC team members occupy nearly half of the USTAR BioInnovations Center, building 620, a 33,000 square foot research facility. USTAR biomass researcher, Foster Agblevor, has designed a specialized pyrolysis reactor that was built-to-suit high bay space located on the first floor. In addition to the high bay, SBC occupies several laboratories, offices and research spaces within building 620.

The USTAR BioInnovations Center, building 650, a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certified building, is a hub for cutting-edge and collaborative research projects at USU. This 118,000 square foot USTAR facility houses researchers in Veterinary Diagnostics and Infectious Diseases and Applied Nutrition Research as well as Synthetic Bio-Manufacturing.

Randy Lewis, a USTAR researcher working to produce large quantities of synthetic spider silk is located on the second floor of the USTAR BioInnovations Center, building 650. Labs, office space, specialized processing areas—such as a darkroom and freezer room—as well as spinning equipment, fill more than 3000 square feet of the $60 million state-of-the-art building.

The purpose of the USTAR BioInnovations Center is to provide research teams, like Synthetic Bio-Manufacturing, top-of-the-line facilities in which to conduct their work and to foster connections between industry, entrepreneurship and research.