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CHO Cells

CHO Cells are a Vital Tool in Biomanufacturing

CHO cells

Recombinant Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are the major biomanufacturing platform for protein pharmaceuticals including anticancer therapeutics, hormone treatments, and the anti-blood c lotting drug - tissue plasminogen activator. Over 2/3 of the recombinant therapeutic proteins of the biotechnology industry are produced using CHO cells.

"The main goals in CHO cell protein production are higher protein quantity and quality. Required are high growth yields and optimized growth conditions – both best achieved in controlled bioreactors."
– Dr. Jon Takemoto
CHO Cell project

The SBC CHO Cell Project conducts experiments aimed at developing methods and bioreactor systems for optimal protein production by CHO cells. The experiments are conducted in the new ThermoFisher Scientific-SBC Cell Culture Laboratory equipped for cultivation of CHO cells in state-of-the-art bioreactors and protein production analyses.