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Industry Partners SBI

The Industry Partners program was established to facilitate active interaction between industry partners and our faculty and students. Industry Partners help guide SBI research in directions directly applicable to current industry problems, while providing a means for transitioning discoveries out of the lab and into the marketplace.
For information on becoming an SBI Industry Partner, contact Christian Iverson at or (435) 797-9620.

SBI Industry Partner Benefits

USTAR Bioinnovation center building at dusk

SBI semi-annual meetings:

SBI meetings allow our Industry Partners to interact directly with SBI researchers and students to learn about the most recent research and intellectual property developments. The semi-annual SBI Science & Technology Review includes:

  • In-depth and current updates and reports of SBI projects and research strategy (specific industry sponsored projects may be excluded depending on the status of the project). Reporting includes written summaries, posters and presentations on the research.
  • Opportunities for in-depth, one-on-one or small group meetings with SBI researchers and students to focus on specific research, application and educational needs of the Industry Partner.
  • Workshops on SBI methods and applications.
  • Opportunities for Industry Partner members to provide input on research directions and initiatives for the SBI and its programs.

One vote on the SBI Industry Advisory Board:

SBI Industry Advisory Board members meet semi-annually at the SBI Science & Technology Review to suggest SBI research directions and initiatives, particularly to ensure that the program maintains industrial relevancy.

  • - Items of SBI policy that require a membership vote will be voted on by one representative from each Industry Partner company plus the SBI Director.


Industry Partners have access to SBI publications and presentations and will receive copies of SBI reprints and posters.

Intellectual property:

Industry Partners will receive notice of patent filings and will obtain preferential access and licensing rights to intellectual property conceived and developed by SBI research teams.

Bioproducts Production Laboratory (BPL):

Industry Partners gain access to the BPL facilities and staff to develop and test synthetic biomanufacturing procedures and protocols.

Sponsored research:

All Industry Partners have the opportunity to sponsor dedicated research projects to address specific research needs. Benefits to sponsoring companies include:

  • Ability to specify project goals and deliverables to address their specific needs.
  • Closer collaboration with the planning and implementation of the research.
  • Options to license and use technology developed from the sponsored research.