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BEC to Become New Site as Part of International Research Collaboration

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The Bioenergy Center is excited to announce its impending membership with the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science based out of Virginia Tech. This global operation is focused on research related to the top global issues of our time. These issues include energy, water, food, environment, poverty, and disease. These problems are often accompanied by anomalies referred to as "Black Swans" that are hard to predict, highly impactful, and volatile. The Bioenergy Center aims to help in the application of research in sustainable energy to address the issues and be an integral part of this interdisciplinary research group.

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With locations across the world ICTAS membership will lead to gainful networking, participation in larger scale projects, and added capacity to be awarded multi-million dollar grants.

"The Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS) is designed to serve as a catalyst for high impact interdisciplinary research and as an agent for innovation." Dr. Roop Mahajan (Director of ICTAS)