• Synthetic Bioproducts Center

    Transforming raw materials into environmentally friendly products such as low cost therapeutics, antimicrobials, biomaterials, and pharmaceuticals.

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  • BioEnergy Center

    Developing technologies that will lead to environmentally responsible U.S. energy independence. It focuses on algal strain selection, lignocellulosic biofuel, biodiesel production, pyrolysis, and nutrient optimization and management.

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  • Sustainable Waste-to-Bioproduct Engineering Center

    Converting municipal and industrial wastes into valuable bioproducts through the use of “microbial factories.”

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  • Bioproduct Production Laboratory

    Provide prototyping and production capabilities for the Institute’s centers as well as provide bioproduction contract services for industry.

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The Synthetic Biomanufacturing Institute

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SBI Organizational Chart

About Us

About the SBI

The Synthetic Biomanufacturing Institute’s goal is to enhance visibility, enhance credibility, and to assemble the necessary intellectual talent and physical assets to secure USU’s near-term and long-term competitive position in the emerging research and applications of synthetic biology.


The Utah Science Technology and Research initiative (USTAR) is a long-term, state-funded investment to strengthen Utah’s “knowledge economy” and generate high-paying jobs. The first area involves funding for strategic investments at the University of Utah and Utah State University to recruit world-class researchers. The second area is to build state-of-the-art interdisciplinary facilities at these institutions for the innovation teams. The third program area involves teams that work with companies and entrepreneurs across the state to promote science, innovation and commercialization activities.

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